AI in the court: are robot judges next?

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Ouça a Iris - Inteligência Artificial da Biosferatech

As in many other industries, AI carries great promise but significant risk for the legal industry. But when it comes to certain court cases, the stakes couldn’t be higher.
As in many other industries, AI carries great promise as well as risks for the legal industry. In the court system, though, the stakes are unusually high. Using a predictive algorithm to determine your child custody terms isn’t quite the same as Netflix suggesting which movie you should watch next.
Even so, AI and automation are already playing a large part in the US legal system. At a conference in Portland, Oregon last week, hosted by the Legal Services Corporation, legal professionals from around the country gathered to collectively pause and consider how they’re modernizing their systems — and to what extent they should be using AI.

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Fonte: Zdnet, 5 fev. 2020